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Sales conditions

These terms and sales conditions apply to the purchase of products and services from Expoint AS

These terms and sales conditions apply to the purchase of products and services from Expoint AS and apply unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing in each individual case. 


The Supplier is Expoint AS (Expoint) or other companies, which are referred to as Partner/Partners. 

The Customer is the company specified as the Customer in the order, and is hereinafter referred to as "you" (or equivalently with designations such as "your"). Expoint primarily delivers to companies and enterprises that are registered in the Register of Business Enterprises or foreign-registered companies. Expoint reserves the right to reject or limit orders if delivery is not considered reasonable.


Your order is binding when the start-up agreement is signed or accepted by email, or upon payment of the partial invoice for the delivery. Expoint is also bound by the Customer's order as long as it does not deviate from the offer or estimate provided by Expoint or its Partners.


When you place your order, Expoint will send you a start-up agreement with what is relevant and may contain a typical overview of

- what the delivery includes

- where the delivery will take place

- when the delivery will take place

- time schedule

- if applicable, costs and invoicing schedule


Expoint operates with both quotations and estimated prices, which are subject to the terms and conditions specified below.


Price quote: This relates to an order with predictable costs, and will contain a clear breakdown of all services and products to be provided by Expoint. Unless the Customer makes changes to the order after the price has been determined, the price will correspond to the amount on the final invoice. Expoint is not bound by any price increases and inaccurate information due to technical or human error on the part of Expoint or subcontractors.


Price estimate: This is given when the assignment has an uncertain scope or contains unknown variables that can have a major impact on time and costs during the project. Creative work, proofreading and deliveries that include several sub-deliveries over a long period of time are in most cases associated with unpredictability and cannot usually be delivered at a fixed (quoted) price. As an indication of how certain Expoint is of its estimate, Expoint will be able to provide a non-binding assessment of how much the final amount may deviate from the estimate. Expoint is obliged to adhere to the estimate it has provided, and to keep itself updated on significant deviations in cost developments when these become known. Any changes that the Customer makes to the order after the start-up agreement has been approved, and which increase the cost or time required for the delivery, will be invoiced in the same way and independently of the original assignment. Expoint will under no circumstances invoice the Customer for more than what Expoint has actually delivered, and the final invoice may therefore be both higher or lower than the estimated amount. Expoint is not bound by any inaccurate information in the estimate due to technical or human error on the part of Expoint or subcontractors.


Copyright/modifications/continuation of intellectual property rights

Upon approval of the start-up agreement, the Customer is obliged to protect Expoint's proposals/ideas/concepts related to all sketches presented/displayed. These may not be copied or used for other similar ideas. The copyright to all designs, including sketches/proposals, belongs to Expoint until full settlement has been made and any additional costs have been paid.


Once Expoint has received full payment, the Customer has the exclusive right to use the purchased design material. However, this does not include "work files" intended for the development and preparation of the finished original files. These are Expoint's property. The Customer is not entitled to process or modify in any way - either in whole or in part - material supplied by Expoint without written permission. Expoint retains the rights to all original files until full payment has been made. Expoint retains copyright, right of use and exclusive rights to all design proposals submitted to the Customer during the process, with the exception of the final selected design. Exceptions to this may be agreed. As a general rule, the Customer is not entitled to transfer the rights to a third party. If the Customer by agreement wishes to transfer its rights to a third party or others, these terms and conditions apply to the third party that takes over the rights.


Delivery and risk

The delivery date shall be stated in the offer/estimate/start-up agreement and is binding, provided that the Customer has within a reasonable time provided Expoint with complete and correct information affecting the delivery. In complex projects, the schedule must also be followed by the Customer in order for the delivery to be delivered at the agreed price. If the Customer fails to meet its deadlines, this may result in additional costs or other solutions than initially agreed. Such cost increases due to the Customer's default will be paid by the Customer. The risk for the products passes to the Customer upon delivery of the products, possibly by carrier or other means of transportation, including partial delivery, delivery of services or delivery of digital content. If the Customer is responsible for the delay in delivery, the Customer is in immediate breach of the agreement without any notice being required. Expoint is entitled to store the products at the Customer's expense and risk or sell them to third parties. The Customer remains liable for the purchase price and any interest or costs, less the proceeds from the sale of the products to a third party where applicable.


Force Majeure

If Expoint is unable to perform any of its obligations as a result of an event beyond its reasonable control, performance of the Contract shall be deemed to be postponed for the duration of the event. Such event includes any act, event, failure to act, omission or accident which is beyond Expoint's reasonable control, whether or not foreseeable at the time of entering into the Contract, and includes in particular (but not limited to) the following: strikes, lockouts or other labor disputes or bankruptcies, riots, insurrections, invasions, terrorist attacks, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemics, pandemics or other natural disasters, inability to use rail, shipping, aircraft, automobile or other public or private means of transportation, inability to use public or private telecommunications networks, and acts, decrees, laws, regulations or restrictions of any government. When an event classified as force majeure lasts longer than two (2) months and/or renders the delivery worthless for the Customer, both parties are entitled to cancel (partially) the contract without incurring liability for damages. The Customer is nevertheless responsible for covering all costs and working hours incurred in connection with the delivery until the contract is terminated.


Complaints and warranty

Rules on complaints in connection with commercial sales may be agreed that are less comprehensive than the provisions of section 3 of the Sale of Goods Act. Unless otherwise agreed, the products are sold with a 12-month warranty period for defects/deficiencies.


After you as a Customer have received the products, you should check as soon as possible that the delivery is in accordance with the agreement. Agreement means approved start-up agreements, approved proofs and all other forms of written agreement between the Customer and the Supplier. Check whether the products are damaged or whether the delivery has other errors or defects. If an error or defect is discovered, the Customer must notify Expoint of its intention to make a complaint within a reasonable time after it has discovered or should have discovered the defect. Any defects must be reported within eight (8) working days from the date of delivery. If the Customer does not complain in time, he loses the right to have the defect corrected. Claims against Expoint due to delay must also be made within a reasonable time.


Errors or defects in the products may be reported to Expoint either orally or in writing. For evidentiary reasons, Expoint recommends that complaints are documented and submitted in writing, primarily by contacting Expoint's project manager.


If the product comes from one of Expoint's partners, the Customer must still contact Expoint, but will if necessary be put in direct contact with the relevant partner for correction/replacement.


If the Customer independently takes measures to rectify defects beyond what may have been agreed with Expoint, Expoint will not pay the costs incurred unless this has been agreed in advance.


In the event of defects in the object of sale that cannot be attributed to defects that existed at the time of delivery, and which cannot be attributed to the Customer or circumstances on the Customer's part, Expoint has the unconditional right to correct the defects or make a new delivery at its own expense. When Expoint carries out rectification or replacement delivery, the Customer may not assert any further remedies for breach of contract. The Customer undertakes to complain without undue delay about any discrepancies between order and delivery. Upon receipt of the products, the Customer must check that they are in accordance with the order and complain about any discrepancies within eight days of receipt.


Exhibition stand

When purchasing/renting a trade fair delivery, the delivery is considered approved after review at the time of handover. The time is agreed before the start of the trade fair and takes place the day before the opening of the trade fair or earlier.

If the customer chooses to come to the stand after the assembly time is over, there are very limited changes that Expoint can make and the customer's right of complaint is therefore limited to what is practically possible to achieve. 


Product liability

If products sold cause damage to persons or property, and this is due to the fact that they do not meet the level of safety that the user or the general public can reasonably expect, Expoint is liable for damages to the extent that such liability follows from the Act of December 23, 1988 no. 104 on product liability. No compensation is provided for other consequential damages.


Data protection

To clarify how Expoint handles the Customer's personal data, internal routines have been established in accordance with the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This came into force on May 25, 2018.   

As a Customer, you agree and authorize Expoint to register and process the personal and business data that Expoint needs to manage a functional customer relationship, and which is in accordance with applicable legislation. Expoint is responsible for the personal data that the Customer agrees to provide to Expoint. The Customer's name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and graphic material may be used for marketing and communication purposes within the framework of Norwegian legislation.

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